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My Story, My Miracle ...

In searching for ways to improve my health I was introduced to a breakthrough nutritional supplement that naturally accelerates the bodies own production of intracellular glutathione (clinical studies). 

Max International products have turned my life around!  With Max I am now able to manage my illness without medication. With Max I am now pain free and clear headed. To me my results on Max are nothing short of miraculous!

I have my life back and I am living it to the fullest! Thank you Max!

See my recovery transformation from illness to health. I continue to improve daily thanks to Max!



My illness’ led me to going on long term disability (Diagnosed with CFS / CMV / Fibromyalgia / Auto-Immune Disease) and prescribed up to 16 different medications (5 trays of pills) a day! Finally being told that “there was nothing more they could do for me, it was time to get my affairs in order”.  My days were numbered. I was told I was ‘terminal’!  I was devastated!

Ten days later my girlfriend introduced me to Max. First I saw the investment potential; I was a Financial Planner after all. After learning about Max I felt that I had hope, and I had nothing to lose so why not try Max.. Needless to say I started taking the Max products. After all all of my doctors and pharmacist agreed, stating “anyone can take this”.

The Max products provided my body with what was needed to produce the glutathione to strengthen my immune system. Now my body was able to defend itself from all the toxins, stress, and more.

Notice the transition: 6 months -18 months - 2 years. To me Max was nothing short of miraculous!

Today I am able to manage my diseases pain free thanks to Max. Take a look at me now! 

I went from darkness, to hope, to having dreams again, I have my life back! Thank you Max!!!

I purchase Max products, and now you can too!


I have decided to seek new adventures ...

Handmade Quilts ...

I have been quilting since the late 1970‘s (thank you Margaret G. for your patience in teaching me, I will remember you always.) the old fashion way; by hand.  Quilting has become a passion of mine over the years.  To the point of letting all other crafts ( i.e.: knitting, crocheting, sewing,...) fall to the wayside.  I offer quilts for sale at my Carol’s B&B, I also do small quilts on consignment. Visit my ‘Quilts’ page.

Carol’s Bake Shop ...  Homemade, the old fashion way. 

Our favourite family recipes and jams. Little Nanny (aka: Ina) peaked my interest in baking at a young age.  I was encouraged by family, friends and co-workers to offer to the public what had become some of their favourite treats too. 

Winning 1st place in the Picton County Fair (2014 & 2015 & 2018) for my preserves and baking felt wonderful!!

Try my baking and preserves yourself just email or visit my ‘Carol’s Bake Shop’ page.

Carol’s B&B in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada...

I have spent the last few years renovating my new home. I am now proud

to offer it as Carol’s Bed and Breakfast located in the heart of

Prince Edward County (PEC) wine region.

Walk to several wineries, PEC Lavender & SHED Farm Shops,

and a brewery all here on Closson Road.

Minutes to beaches, fine dining, antiques, arts, entertainment, golf, and more.

Take a look at Carol’s B&B

(currently closed)

Thank you ... Carol Zuber (CAZ)          





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After a successful career in the Financial Services Industry (36 years) I decided to take a break from the Financial Planning world.  With my life of new possibilities ahead of me, I decided to venture into some new, and some old, industries and ventures.   I am enjoying this amazing journey called LIFE!

Thank you Loretta M. for introducing me to Max International.  Thanks to Max I am now able to enjoy my life, my health, and my freedom.

I have a bright future ahead of me, full of hope, dreams, love and joy. I have my life back!

They say ‘good things come to those who wait’, it seems my time in NOW!  ... CAZ

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